High Added Value Probiotics Formulations

Ormendes is a Swiss company specializing in the development and distribution of high quality probiotics.

In recent years, numerous studies have demonstrated that the microbiota is involved in many pathologies and fundamental for the proper functioning of the organism. It is now well known that an unbalanced intestinal flora can affect your health.

As a result, the market of probiotics has grown considerably. In this confusing market, consumers and healthcare professionals are struggling to see clearly among the multitude of existing products.

We have therefore assembled a pool of scientific and technical skills to develop and offer innovative solutions, with proven safety of use and clinical efficacy. All of our products offered today contain a specific blend of bacteria called « SLAB51», the efficacy and safety of which have been tested and demonstrated in experimental and clinical studies.

We therefore offer identifiable and traceable products from their conception to marketing.

Rigorous science

The development of a probiotic formulation is extremely complex. Putting together a certain number of bacterial strains with a faultless reputation is not enough to make a good product. This is why we call on the expertise of researchers and healthcare professionals specializing in microbiota to validate our formulations.


Many probiotics on the market have only a few experimental studies demonstrating a potential mechanism of action, and often they are placed on the market without clincial trials. The combination of bacteria “SLAB51” used in the composition of our products has been the object of many experimental and clinical studies.

Technical requirements

Each probiotic is made from specific strains that determine its quality and effectiveness. To maintain the stability of these very sensitive bacteria, it is necessary to master the various manufacturing processes: the culture and growth phase, the purification, lyophilization, the blending of the bacteria, handling and storage of the final product.

The French supplier where our products are manufactured controls and respects these standards.