High value microbiotics that meet quality criteria

  • Selection of bacterial strains: it must be rigorous because it determines the quality of the microbiotic.
  • The synergy of the strains: the creation of a good synergy among the different selected strains is complex.
  • A high dosage of bacteria: this is one of the essential criteria for efficacy. Too many microbiotics on the market are under-dosed.
  • Control of manufacturing processes (from the culture phase to storage): microbiotics are very sensitive products. Careless manufacturing can affect the best formulation.
  • Sivomixx, Agimixx and Athlemixx are the result of research on Slab 51, an exclusive mixture of live bacteria, tested for their safety.
  • Clinical studies: only clinical evidence can confirm the efficacy and safety of the product.

Our products comply with all these requirements and we are proud to offer microbiotics with some of the highest concentrations available on the market and proven safety and efficacy.

Sivomixx 800

800 billion bacteria per sachet

A high-concentration probiotic (800 billion live and active bacteria per sachet) which help to:

  • Strengthen the intestinal microbiota
  • Diversify the gut bacteria


200 billion bacteria per sachet

Sivomixx is a microbiotic tested in the veterinary field which contains 8 bacterial strains. Its high concentration of bacteria (200 billion bacteria per sachet) ensures optimal colonization to restore the intestinal flora.


100 billion bacteria per sachet

Agimixx contains 8 specific bacterial strains, dosed at 100 billion bacteria per sachet. By restoring the balance of the intestinal flora which is naturally depleted with age, Agimixx contributes to an improved vitality.


100 billion bacteria per sachet

Athlemixx contains 8 specific bacterial strains, dosed at 100 billion bacteria per sachet. By rebalancing the intestinal flora under stress of the athletes, Athlemixx contributes to a better management of physical efforts.